Book Review: Gone Girl

Is Goodreads changing the way you read books? For me it is becoming my place for word-of-mouth (word-of-review?) place to turn before investing in a newly released book. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn is probably one I might have missed–it has been a while since I read a thriller. But then I started noticing it popping up in my Goodreads updates list with 4 and 5 star reviews. Since I figured half a dozen of my intelligent Goodreads friends couldn’t be wrong I gave it a download to the ole Kindle.

Bam. This book gets interesting fast. A wife is disappears on her fifth anniversary. Did the husband kill her? You hear his side of the story from day one moving forward, and then between his chapters you read her story taken from her diary moving from the time of their meeting forward to the disappearance. Did he do it? I say I haven’t read a thriller in a while, but I used to read a lot of Ann Rule type non-fiction true crime stories in the nineties (before reality TV killed the genre). This book reminded me a lot of those stories, ain’t nothing more fun than trying to figure out the mind of a sociopath (a nod here to one of my favorites by Ann Rule–Small Sacrifices). I also enjoyed the nod to today–the couple are former New York magazine writers who lost their jobs due to the dot com bust and come home to his hometown in Missouri to make a new start. I can’t give you much more than that without reading this thrill ride, so I guess you’ll have to just trust me and pick it up yourself.

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