Ideas for Artist’s Dates around Seattle and the Eastside

I found and later sketched this mushroom on an Artist’s Date along Coal Creek Trail in Newcastle, WA.

Sometimes you need to refuel your creativity well, and an easy way to do that is go on an Artist’s Date with yourself. If you aren’t familiar with this idea, it comes from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. The idea is to get out by yourself and experience the world around you, and in return, your creative juices will flow. This is not only good for working artists, writers, and other creatives, but I would say this is also a good idea for anyone needing a source of inspiration for work as well. Innovation comes from creativity and inspiration, and you don’t get that from staring at a screen full of email in your office or on your phone.

The hard part of this is that you are not allowed to bring your partner, family, or friends with you. You have to do it alone. Now I know I have been railing in person about getting away from “bowling alone”, however, in this case, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time caring for family, an Artist’s Date alone can be a godsend and a way to recapture a “room of one’s own.”

Not sure what to do for an Artist’s Date? Here is a list of ideas for the Greater Seattle and Eastside area.

Any ideas to add this list? Have you done any of these as an Artist’s Date? Leave a comment below.

I’ll be facilitating an Artist’s Way workshop at the Cloud 9 Art School in Bothell this fall.

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