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I haven’t had much of a chance to write in the past couple years. What with a full-time job at a major software company, going through a divorce, raising a daughter half-time, managing a household, getting out on the dating scene… I’ve certainly have had a lot to write about. Unfortunately, most of it for the past couple of years has been pure drivel in one or another journal and not worthy for the eye’s of the world. And frankly, it would just embarress us both to read it.

And if you’ve known me for a number of years you know I have alot to say. Whether it is to recommend a tv show or a film, to talk about my first love –books and publishing, tell you about my divorce and dating…Let’s face it, I’m too much of a generalist to stick to any one topic for long. But I do love to write. And I haven’t had a creative outlet for a while.

So my hope is to just use this blog as a way to get back in to writing, something I enjoy doing, and to practice. That is one very cool thing about blogging–it allows you to try a bunch of different formats and styles without having to formalize the structure. Quick how-to article? Fine. Critique? Good. Plain Old Rant about minutia? Go for it. Full-blown personal essay? Do it. Link to that awesome recipe? Yes.

Who cares if few are reading. Heck, does anyone use an RSS feed anymore? I have no idea.

I know I will keep this as a personal blog. So I’ll leave the work stuff behind. Not that I won’t make the occasional entry about business. But this blog is not associated with my day job in any way. This is for me.

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